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Financial Goals



The EBITA margin (earnings before amortisation of intangible assets) should be at least 12% over a business cycle. The EBITA margin on a rolling 12-month basis on 30 September 2022 was 15,2%.



Annual growth rate of at least 20% over a business cycle. The Group’s four-year CAGR (compounded annual growth rate) is 42%.

Financial Calendar

2023-02-09 Year-end report 2022 7:00 am CET
2023-04-27 Interim Report January - March 2023 7:00 am CET
2023-05-09 Annual General Meeting 3:00 pm CEST
2023-08-15 Interim Report April - June 2023 7:00 am CEST


Financial Reports


The ones that monitor us.

Danske Bank + Redeye + Pareto Securities Research

Danske Bank, Redeye AB and Pareto Securities Research AB monitor and analyse Hexatronic Group AB. Analyses are published on an ongoing basis.


Jacob Edler, Equity Research Analyst,

Fredrik Nilsson, Equity Analyst Redeye AB,

Stefan Wård, Equity Research, Pareto Securities AB,