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Further information regarding a previously announced order

Hexatronic Cables & Interconnect Systems AB, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hexatronic Group AB, announced on 23 February 2018 that the company had won several orders for fiber optic marine cable with a total value of MSEK 33.

Read the original press release here.

Today, 5 April 2018, Crosslake Fibre has announced that Hexatronic is its chosen supplier in a project linking Toronto, Canada and Buffalo, New York. We are therefore choosing to publish further information regarding the order.

The order from Crosslake Fibre relates to dual-reinforced marine cable with a total length of 58 km. The entire link between Toronto and Buffalo, 131 km in total, is to be commissioned in October 2018. The Crosslake Fibre project is one of several major orders referred to in the previous press release.

“We are delighted to be winning business and establishing ourselves more firmly in North America, which has been a strategic market for us for the past two years or so. In addition to marine cable, we also sell and market our system range Matrix in North America, as well as duct with the acquisition of Blue Diamond earlier this year,” says Henrik Larsson Lyon, CEO of Hexatronic Group AB.

Gothenburg, April 5, 2018
Henrik Larsson Lyon
CEO Hexatronic Group

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