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Hexatronic Group

Sofierogatan 3A
SE-412 51 Gothenburg

Henrik Larsson Lyon


Anders Persson

Chairman of the Board

Lennart Sparud


Martin Åberg

Deputy CEO

The group

Hexatronic Group

Hexatronic Group consists of +25 companies with a total of +750 employees. The Group’s headquarters are in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Why and how

With smarter and reliable product and system solutions for passive fiber infrastructure, we accelerate the digital transformation to benefit society, businesses and individuals.

Together, the companies in Hexatronic Group develop products and world-class solutions that create development opportunities for people across the world.

A few words from Henrik Larsson Lyon, CEO

We grow organically and through aquisitions.

Our organic growth takes place by continuously developing our market presence with strong local organizations, and continuously developing our offering and adding value services such as servicing, aftermarket sales, support and training.

Our acquisitions strengthen and complement the Group through solid local market presence, knowledgeable and experienced employees, and good market familiarity.

Here you can find more information about our Corporate Governance.


CEO comments on Year-end Report 2020

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Annual Report 2019

2019 was a year of continued strong international growth for Hexatronic. Sales excluding Sweden grew by just over 30%. The main growth was in Europe with the UK and Germany as the main drivers, along with North America. Including Sweden, sales increased by just over 15%, and 5% of this was organic.

For the first time, Sweden now accounts for less than 30% of the company’s net sales. Growth during the fourth quarter was 5%, attributable in full to the acquisition of Opternus in Germany.