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The purpose of Hexatronic Group

With smart, reliable product and system solutions for passive fiber infrastructure, we accelerate the digital transformation for the benefit of businesses, individuals, and society at large.

Together, the companies in Hexatronic Group develop products and world-class solutions that create development opportunities for people across the world.

About the group

How we create value

The diagram illustrates how we create value for our customers, society at large, employees and owners.

About the group

The two main benefits

Combining big and small

The group consists of independent and entrepreneurial companies that strive to be market leaders in their respective niches. The Group supports and directs the companies through a Group-wide governance and finance system. The companies in the Group are jointly developed through collaboration on market terms between the sister companies. We combine a big company's stability and resources with a small company's flexibility and speed.

Growing organically and through acquisitions

Growth is necessary to attract the best people. Our Group's growth comes from organic growth and partly from acquisitions. Organic growth is achieved by continuously developing the respective companies' offer through a wider range of products and more value-added services such as service, aftermarket sales, support, education and finance solutions.


Our companies

Hexatronic Group consists of +20 companies with a total of +900 employees. The Group’s headquarters are in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Hexatronic Cables & Interconnect Systems

"With unique expertise in fiber and an excellent product portfolio, we have the capacity to meet the market's growing need for fiber rollout."

Håkan Bäckström, CEO, Hexatronic Cables & Interconnect Systems

Hexatronic Cables & Interconnect Systems develops, manufactures, markets and provides solutions within the fiber optic cable infrastructure, for telecom companies. Hexatronic Cables & Interconnect Systems manufacture fiber optic cable, duct, copper cable and network accessories. The company originates from the former Ericsson site in Hudiksvall. Our products are developed and manufactured by Swedish specialists, with many years of experience and unique expertise in fiber optics. The product portfolio includes the industry leading brands Ribbonet® and Micronet.


"Our unique technology offers tailored dispersion products and high performance optical layer monitoring products, which greatly improves the cost benefit ratio for our customers."

Johan Pejnefors, CEO, Proximion

Proximion develops, produces, markets and sells high tech products for fiber optic communication. The products are based on Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) technology and are used to efficiently streamline data transfer, over longer distances via fiber optic networks. All products are manufactured in Sweden, at Proximion’s high tech production plant, near Stockholm. Proximion’s customers include 7 out of the 10 largest providers of fiber optic networks.

Hexatronic Fiberoptic

"Hexatronic Fiberoptic has 30 years experience in the industry and an extensive knowledge in the production of passive fiber optic products. Manufacturing, warehousing and sales are all under one roof."

Magnus Eidebo, CEO, Hexatronic Fiberoptic

Hexatronic Fiberoptic manufactures and sells fiber optic products. Having their own production facilities allows them to customize fiber optic solutions such as prefabricated ODFs, multi-fiber cable assemblies and industrial applications for the defence and mining industries, for example. Hexatronic Fiberoptic develops its own products and is approved by, among others, Skanova / TeliaSonera Sweden and Stokab. Hexatronic Fiberoptic has their own production facilities, manufacturing and warehouse in Örebro, Sweden. They also offer training in fiber optics and fiber welds from Fujikura and measuring instruments from EXFO.

With its own engineering department mechanics and plastics, the company has also established itself as a successful OEM supplier to several of our Swedish international telecom companies.

Hexatronic AS

"Thanks to Hexatronic’s wide product range, we can offer intelligent and complete system solutions for our customers."

Thomas Anderssen, CEO, Hexatronic AS

Hexatronic AS offers complete fiber optic solutions. We have more than 50 years experience in the fiber optic industry and our main market is FTTH and Telecom. Hexatronic AS provides customized products and solutions and offers products from each of the Hexatronic partner companies including theoretical and practical fiber optic training.

Hexatronic UK Ltd

"Our wide product range enables us to offer our customers one of the most complete and innovative passive fiber optic systems on the FTTH market."

Matt Taylor, CEO, Hexatronic UK Ltd.

Hexatronic UK originated as OpticReach and designs, manufactures and distributes innovative solutions and components for telecommunications networks specifically within passive fiber optic infrastructure. With customized product development and on-site production and manufacturing, Hexatronic UK is one of the most innovative distributors on the market.

Hexatronic GmbH

"Germany is facing extensive expansion of their fiber optic telecommunication infrastructure and Hexatronic has the products needed to ensure that the networks become cost effective and of highest quality. With our dedicated and highly experienced team and together with the acquisition of REHAU Telecommunication in 2021, which is a recognized quality producer of microducts and accessories to the German FTTH market, we offer customers a strong local presence in the German market."

Martin Ewert, CEO, Hexatronic GmbH

Hexatronic GmbH provides the Central European market with Hexatronic's customized solutions and products developed with deep knowledge of fiber optic communication. The focus is on offering total solutions and meeting the growing demand for fiber expansion in Europe by developing products that are resource efficient to install and have a long lifespan.

Hexatronic New Zealand Ltd

"Our business is based upon close and unique customer relationships. We understand our customers challenges and use our broad range of innovative products and solutions to enable smart and cost effective solutions. With unique expertise in fiber and an excellent product portfolio, we have the capacity to meet the market's growing need for fiber rollout in NZ and abroad."

John Witkowski, CEO, Hexatronic New Zealand Ltd.

Hexatronic New Zealand delivers passive fibre optic system solutions. The product portfolio includes the industry leading brands Ribbonet® and Micronet. They have their own production facility in Wellington, where duct systems are locally manufactured and customized products can be produced. Hexatronic New Zealand delivers reliable, high quality solutions for telecom companies’ fiber based networks.

Hexatronic US Inc

"With our excellent fiber optic portfolio we have the capacity, knowledge and experience to offer solutions that deliver the best Total Cost of Ownership, both on CAPEX and OPEX."

Per-Anders Eriksson, CEO, Hexatronic US Inc.

Hexatronic North America markets and supplys Hexatronic’s system solutions for fiber deployment to our customers, who are primarily telecom and installation companies. We offer the Hexatronic Group solutions, which together with the collected knowledge and experience from the Swedish market with its early development of FTTH, creates credibility in the North American market for our innovative duct solutions.

Hexatronic Canada Inc

”We are a fast-growing company in the Canadian FTTH market offering a wide range of high quality customized and standardized solutions to the telecommunication companies throughout the country.”

Rommi Roosimaa, CEO, Hexatronic Canada Inc.

Hexatronic Canada Inc offer a wide range of both passive and active solutions for the telecommunication industry to support the FTTH/FTTX/5G rollouts in Canada. With the cooperation and collective knowledge of the Hexatronic Group companies and the experience from the Swedish market with its early development of FTTH, Hexatronic Canada Inc can offer a wide range of FTTX solutions across the Canadian market. Complimentary to the Hexatronic Group innovative solutions, Hexatronic Canada Inc support the Canadian market with equipment for installing, testing, and maintaining optical and wireless networks.


Hexatronic Security and Surveillance

“We are proud to provide a solution that secures the power and data infrastructure of our customers devices and at the same time with great impact on Total Cost of Ownership.”

Jawad Saadi, CEO, HSS

Hexatronic Security & Surveillance AB develops and produces the InOne System in the Hexatronic production facility in Sweden and distributes world-wide. The InOne system is a Hybrid Power & Fiber system, suitable for CCTV, 5G, IoT, RANs, RFoF, DAS, and many other applications. It extends the reach of PoE and other devices over several kilometers, while offering security, redundancy, and flexibility. InOne is changing the way devices are being deployed and is raising the bar on the requirements of security, redundancy, and cost saving.

Blue Diamond Industries LLC

"Blue Diamond is a customer-focused agile manufacturer of HDPE conduit serving the telecom, power and civil construction markets. We provide a superior level of service to our customers while supplying a high quality and competitive product in a growing industry."

Will Jensen, CEO, Blue Diamond Industries

Blue Diamond Industries (BDI) manufactures high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe for communication, power, FTTH, ITS , CATV, Geothermal and Industrial Pressure pipe applications. BDI, headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky is agile and customer focused. By being able to change product styles and respond to requirements quickly, BDI gives each customer flexibility and dependable service.

Opternus GmbH

“We support our customers with broadband expansion and network operation knowledge and share our profound experience and expertise. Opternus has been known and valued as an expert and partner for splicing and measurement technology in Germany and Austria for 18 years. Together with Hexatronic GmbH we can play an important part in the expansion of the German fiber network.”

Sven Wiedemann, CEO, Opternus GmbH

Opternus is a leading company in the distribution of fiber optic connection and optical measurement technology. The combination of industry leading technology and fast and reliable service generate high quality solutions for the customers. This is further supported by Opternus special splicing technology for manufacturing, research, development and medical technology.


“Our expertise in harsh environment fiber optic solutions complements Hexatronic's offer for FTTH and other areas. Together with the Group's fiber optic training companies and Hexatronic UK, we look forward to driving growth in the UK market.”

Mark Western, CEO, Tech Optics

Tech Optics offers fiber optic solutions for harsh environments such as the defense, aerospace and oil and gas industries. Tech Optics is an approved supplier to the UK defense industry and provides leading companies globally with a wide variety of fiber optic communication products, customized fiber optic cables and fiber optic expertise / training.

The Light Brigade

"Combining The Light Brigade that is #1 in fiber optic training in North America with Hexatronic's strong fiber optic training operations in Europe creates a synergistic power that is unmatched in the industry. Through our common goals and ambitions, we will be able to grow and achieve further success together."

Martin Lee, CEO, The Light Brigade

The Light Brigade is a US-based fiber optic training provider that has trained more than 60,000 people in fiber optics for communication networks, wireless infrastructure, broadband communication, data centre, electric utility, oil & gas, mining, and industrial market sectors. The training varies from introductory training to very advanced design and engineering training.


”The market’s increased demand for quality and delivery dependability drives the need for education. We see an increased demand both with large and small players to secure competence within their organizations, in order to strengthen their competitiveness."

Ellinor Engström, CEO, Edugrade

Edugrade (under its former name Iftac & ICT Education) has trained staff all over the world for many years. We offer a complete chain of components within fiber-based network projects. We have engaged and professional instructors and customer-adapted education. Programs are available at our educational centers, located in Hudiksvall, Stockholm and Gothenburg. They can also be held on-site at our customers’ locations.


“With the technological advances in 5G gathering pace, it is critical that network engineers, system architects, operations teams and those responsible for the commercial aspects of the technology to fully understand the implications and opportunities that lie ahead. As leaders and innovators in mobile technology training, we are proud to support all of our students throughout the world as they strive to implement these new and exciting systems.”

Graeme Green, Managing Director, Mpirical

Mpirical is a UK based telecom technology training provider with a focus on 5G, 4G, 3G, Next Generation Voice, IoT and Wi-Fi. The broad offering of approximately 1,500 online on-demand telecoms technology training videos has attracted customers globally, with videos streamed in over 180 countries. The on-demand online training is available through Mpirical’s proprietary Learning Management System called the LearningZone. The offering ranges from introductory level courses to highly advanced technology training and targets customers such as service providers, equipment vendors, network analysis & test providers in addition to government & public sector organizations.


"Our strengths are an extensive portfolio of innovative products, full technical support and training programs together with our constant commitment to help our customers build their efficient, reliable and scalable network infrastructure. This has enabled us to become a market leader in supplying cutting-edge structured cabling and networking solutions in Italy”

Filippo Gnocco, CEO, Qubix

Qubix is a leading supplier of structured cabling in Italy with copper and fiber optic solutions primarily used in local area networks in office buildings, residential buildings and industrial environments. The 3500 square meters warehouse and goods readily available allow great logistic service with prompt delivery for 80% of the articles. The constant customer support and training in the offered solutions make Qubix not only a trustworthy product supplier but also a real partner for its customers.

Baltronic Group

"With our skills and expertise in wireless and fixed networks we will support the telecommunication industry by suppling high quality and time saving solutions in the rapidly growing 5G and FTTH-buildout in Europe”

Magnus Eidebo, VD, Baltronic Group

Baltronic Group supply and assemble fiber optic products with focus on wireless and FTTH solutions. The production unit was established in Estonia 2001 and is the largest fiber optic termination house in the Baltics where standard and customized products are assembled. The companies offer a wide range of both passive and active products for the telecommunication industry to support the FTTH and 5G buildout. In addition to the production unit in Estonia Baltronic has sales offices in Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden.



"With our expertise, deep knowledge and platform to plan and consult the complete FTTH build out, we support network owners and installers in Germany to build out their network in a more efficient and cost effective way."


TK-KONTOR-FREITAG is an engineering office offering planning and consulting services for the installation of passive FTTH to network owners and installers in Germany. The service includes material concepts, construction cost estimates, network planning and architecture, project management, construction management and project supervision. The company will soon also offer comprehensive FTTH training for utility and installation companies as well as internet providers in Germany.



“We succeed to have high client satisfaction by offering co-development capabilities, flexible production, collaboration on marketing and good value for money.”

Rik Rombouts, CEO, Weterings

Weterings was founded in 1945 and is a producer of a wide range of high-quality ducts, tubes and hoses used for protection of cables and transportation of liquids and gases. The main applications are for the FTTH and the agricultural market. The company has large and variable production capacity resulting in short lead-times and high customer satisfaction.


“FOS has grown to become a complete solution provider committed to innovation with highly skilled team of engineers and experienced production personnel.

AP Singh, CEO, FOS

FOS is based in Melbourne, Australia, where they have their head office and production facility. FOS manufacture and distribute a broad range of high-quality standard and highly customized fiber and copper cables assemblies, patch leads and enclosures. Key markets are telecom, industrial & harsh environment, enterprise, and infrastructure.


”We offer industry leading customer service and technical support and our key aim is to provide complete end to end product offering over the rapidly growing infrastructure market in Australia.”

Mike Thomas, CEO, OSA

OSA delivers, designs, and supports some of Australia’s largest telecom and infrastructure projects. Through their six offices spread across the country and sizable warehouses they can offer short lead times and retain high stock levels. OSA also offer value-add services through their three R&D labs around Australia where they support their customers by testing new technologies, quality-assure their projects and together design new systems.

Data Center Systems

”With over 20 years of experience in the US data center market we have become a leading producer of storage and network connectivity solutions for large enterprise class, colocation, and edge data centers. Our highly skilled team provides reliable, scalable, high-performance standards and purpose-built connectivity solutions as well as integral supporting services to ensure the best network performance possible for all of our customers’ mission critical IT hardware.”

Kevin Ehringer, CEO, Data Center Systems

Data Center Systems (DCS) provides complete fiber connectivity system solutions for today’s evolving data center market. DCS is built upon a consultative approach to its customers and offers infrastructure design solutions, installation and managed services. The headquarters and production facility are located in Dallas, Texas (USA).