Hexatronic Group publishes its annual report for 2018

Hexatronic Group publishes its annual report for 2018

Hexatronics´ annual report for 2018 is available here. A printed version can be ordered via ekonomi@hexatronic.com.

Read the original press release here.

"2018 was the year when we successfully repositioned ourselves on distinct emerging markets. A relatively well-expanded Swedish market has dominated sales in recent years. We went into 2019 with a considerably heavier tendency towards large emerging markets that are currently in their infancy. During 2018, Hexatronic became an established player in both the UK and North America. We have had a local presence on these markets for several years, but it takes time to consolidate a position on a new market, and important steps forward were taken during the year.

In this Annual Report, you will find our first Sustainability Report, where you can read more our about our sustainability work.", says Henrik Larsson Lyon, CEO Hexatronic Group

Gothenburg, April 15, 2019
Henrik Larsson Lyon
CEO Hexatronic Group

For more information, please contact:
Henrik Larsson Lyon, CEO Hexatronic Group, +46 706 50 34 00

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